How to Jailbreak a Chromebook? (How to, Pros & Cons)

Looking to know how to jailbreak a Chromebook? Or some people called it “Root”. Well, chromeOS is a great device and known for its simplicity, affordability, security, and booting time. This is not powerful like generic laptop Windows and Mac OS but it will never disappoint you.

There are so many aspects that I can talk about but you are here to know jailbreak chromebook. So, the rest is kept for later, and now, you will know how to get Chrome Book root access.

After the jailbreaking Chromebook, you will do lots of things with Chrome OS because you get the root admin access to it.

how to jailbreak a chromebook

So before proceeding to know, how you can jailbreak Chromebook laptop? You should be aware of the pros and cons of rooting the Chromebook OS. This is necessary to know, otherwise, later you will regret it.

So, let’s see step by step, what is jailbreak for Chromebook? What are the pros and cons of jailbreaking Chrome OS laptops? And the last one, how to jailbreak a Chromebook laptop?

What is Jailbreak for Chromebook?

Jailbreaking is the process of breaking administrative restrictions and gaining unauthorized access to the root.

So that, users can modify the OS according to need and see and manage the backend process and task, and can install unauthorized apps and software even other operating systems too, without any restriction and bypass security mechanisms.

All the activities are done with the Chromebook OS operating system that’s why it is known as Chromebook jailbreak.

If you have good coding knowledge, you can play with OS, and modify it according to your need. You will get to know how your OS is working in the backend.

But after gaining root access there are some drawbacks of it, you will know about this in this article.

Jailbreak for Chromebook has some alternate names too, People who love Android called “Root Chromebook OS” and iOS users called it “Jailbreak”.

So if you see Chromebook developer mode, reset Chromebook OS, or bypass administrator on Chromebook, don’t get confused.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks for rooting Chromebook OS?


What are advantages for rooting chromebook OS

Expand App and Software Capability: By rooting the Chrome OS, the user can install the unauthorized apps and software that generally Chrome OS blocks before installing and even can install and run another operating system like Windows OS, or Linux OS. Users can also uninstall inbuilt apps that are impossible to remove from OS.

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Customizations: With the customization, the power user has no need to apply default themes. You can customize your interface and modify UI according to your need which is unavailable in standard Chrome OS.

Enhanced Functionality: Some users like to jailbreak their Chromebook to unlock the higher potential of their Chrome OS that are not possible with rooting it. After jailbreak, the user can experience advanced features, run experimental features and maximize hardware capability.

Experience Offline Capabilities: Chromebook syncs everything on the cloud and for that needs an internet connection is compulsory. After Chrome OS operating system rooting users can explore a few apps not all offline. You don’t need an internet connection all the time. This is beneficial for remote areas where internet connections are limited.


What are Disadvantages for rooting chromebook OS

There are some drawbacks of rooting Chrome OS without having sufficient knowledge of it can harn laptops and privacy too. So, know their drawbacks before Chromebook root.

Note: When you activate developer mode (Jailbreak), all your data saved on your Chromebook OS will be wiped and deleted forever. So, make sure you have the copy of the all data on another hardware too.

Privacy and Security Risks: Chromebook is Google’s product, and Google always protects their user’s privacy that’s why Chrome OS takes place in future-era laptops which provide high-end super privacy.

When you jailbreak Chromebook basically, you break the in-built security mechanism that developers put into the Chrome OS laptop for privacy and security purpose.

This activity allows hackers, malware, data breach, viruses, and unauthorized access to your sensitive data. So make sure the consequences of the root.

Voided Warranty: Every laptop comes with some 1-year, 2-year, or extended warranty period. So, if you root the laptop, the warranty period will be void.

Because when you root the device, unauthorized modifications warranty will be invalid. This means, in the future anything goes wrong with your Chromebook manufacturer will not be responsible for any kind of support or warranty coverage.

Unstable Operating System: If you gain additional limitations, and gain control over the operating system by rooting, this can be led your Chromebook to sometimes freeze, crash, suddenly hardware stopped working, or behave unpredictably.

And all this happens because, you made changes into the OS, which is incompatible and can make the Chromebook operating system even worse previous OS.

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Loss of Updates and Support: Do you like outdated devices? This will happen with Chromebook if you jailbreak it. Jailbreak (Root) means you are detaching Chrome OS from its official operating system.

This can be painful because, you will never get any security patch updates, bug fixes updates, and official Chromebook operating system updates from the manufacturer.

Even after rooting manufacturer customer support will never guide, you through any kind of worse situation with your Chromebook OS.

Violating Legal Policy: Rooting the device and gaining additional control over OS, sounds cool but, unintentionally you are breaking end-user license agreements (EULAs) which is set by the manufacturer company.

Any kind of modification with OS potentially infringes on legal rights and violates the policy which is established by the manufacturer company which is not good at all.

Limited Community Support: Less than 1% of user jailbreak Chromebook OS, so if you are seeking any kind of support from the community, they will not guide you because they have not any idea about changes with OS.

Having problems troubleshooting any kind of issue, or finding compatible software. So, you get rarely any kind of support from the community.

How to Jailbreak a Chromebook 2024?

Jailbreak Chromebook means entering into developer mode, and this is not tricky way to enable it. You can simply enable it within a few minutes and a few steps.

You can enter into developer mode in two ways, it depends on which OS version you are using and which jailbreak working on your ChromeOS.

ChromeOS developer changed their developer UI (User Interface) with a new one. So if you have an old Chromebook version you can 2nd the method for rooting Chromebook.

If you are thinking about how to jailbreak a school Chromebook, in the same way, you can activate developer mode on the school Chromebook.

How to Jailbreak Chromebook New User Interface?

How to Jailbreak Chromebook New User Interface

Follow the step-by-step process to enter into developer mode (Jailbreak).

Step 1. Press the “Esc + Refresh + Power” keys simultaneously for a few seconds. This will reboot your Chromebook and the jailbreak process will start.

Step 2. Now select the second one, “Advance options” from below three options.

Step 3. Select the first one “Enable developer mode”.

Step 4. A confirmation message will appear “You are attempting to enable developer mode” and have two options, choose “Confirm” and proceed to the next steps.

Step 5. Now the booting process will start, and you will see a screen “You are in developer mode”. Select “Boot from internal disk”.

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That’s it wait for a few minutes, entering into developer mode is ongoing. This can take up to 20 minutes so be patience.

How to Jailbreak Chromebook Old User Interface?

Follow the exact step-by-step process to jailbreak the old UI.

Step 1. Press the “Esc + Refresh + Power” keys simultaneously for a few seconds, this will start the reboot process.

Step 2. When the next screen appears, press the “Ctrl + D” and then the “Enter” key.

Step 3. In the next window, a message appears, “To turn OS verification OFF, press Enter”. Press “Enter”.

Step 4. Again press “Ctrl +D”, when the “OS verification is OFF” message appears on the screen.

That’s it, wait for few minutes up to 20 minutes. After that, you will successfully enter into developer mode.

How to jailbreak a school Chromebook 2024?

how to jailbreak a school chromebook

The process of jailbreaking school Chromebooks is the same as you root normally as guided above.

But you should not do this, you will violate the school’s laws and policy. Which is not good and can be punished or suspended by the school administrator.

School Chromebook acknowledges that you will never violate school Chrome OS rules and regulations. So you should obey the policy and should not jailbreak the school Chromebook.


In this article, you get to know, how to gain Chromebook root access? It sounds cool when you activate developer mode and activate additional features on Chrome OS.

But, you should be aware of the pros and cons of it. Jailbreaking the Chromebook is not illegal but you lose all the benefits that Chromebook manufacturer offers every user. No matter what it, updates, bug fixes, support system, warranty.

And I hope how to jailbreak a Chromebook 2023 will definitely add value to your life. Don’t forget to comment on your experience with us.

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