7 Easy Ways: How to Restart Chromebook | Fix Frozen Issue With Your Chromebook.

Is your Chromebook freeze or its screen turn black? And now searching for how to restart Chromebook? Or maybe some other different reasons.

Anyway, today I will guide you through this blog whatever problem you have. So, don’t worry and relax.

In fact, Chrome devices don’t have a dedicated restart or reboot button because they rarely freeze.

It doesn’t matter you have Acer Chromebook, hp Chromebook, or Lenovo Chromebook, or maybe others.

That’s why companies don’t provide any shortcut button to restart it.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t restart or reboot your device, you can.

There are several ways through which you can restart when Chromebook troubleshooting.

So, if you are Windows or Mac user and searching for a dedicated button or option for restarting your chrome, this will disappoint you.

But there are key combinations you can use to restart while the cursor freeze on chrome or the screen turns black.

These key combinations will help you to reboot your device in no time.

So, let’s see one by one all problems and their ways to restart it.

Also, you should know how to enter into developer mode to see the saved wifi password or to use the full potential of the chrome device.

How to Restart a Chromebook When Frozen?

Samsung chromebook

There three ways to restart Chromebook device.

  1. Shut down the chrome device.
  2. Long press the power button.
  3. Restart the option in the notification bar.

But what if the Chromebook not turning on, or what do you do if your Chromebook screen freezes while using it.

In normal way you can use power button to restart it.

So let’s see other possible ways to reboot it and find out what will work for you according to your issue.

Shut Down Chrome Device.

This is much simple as it sounds because you do it daily. Simply use the notification bar to turn off the chrome device.

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Select “Shut Down” options from the notification area. Which is at the right corner and choose “Shut Down”.

This will save all your current task and fully log out you from your Chromebook device.

And now, press the power button again to boot up your device. This will reboot your device.

If you are worried about your data loss, don’t worry about it. Before powering all your Chromebook data will be saved successfully automatically.

But, precaution is most important. So don’t do it regularly, turn off the device after saving all your current tasks.

Otherwise, someday due to some glitch or error, your device will “Shut Down” without saving your task.

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Long Press Power Button.

When your device’s mouse and keyboard froze, and nothing working. Then, this step will be beneficial for rebooting. In fact, this method also works in windows os.

Simply hold the Chromebook power button for almost three to five seconds and it will automatically “Shut Down” the chrome device safely after saving all your current tasks.

Now press the power button again to boot up your chrome OS and this will work the same, suppose you are rebooting the chrome book.

One day, Chromebook stuck on youtube, while I’m watching a movie on it.

I don’t know how? But I did the same method as I shared above and you know what? It works. The device starts working smoothly.

So, I recommended you to do this at least once because it works.

Restart Option in Notification Bar.

When your Chromebook downloads any updates or installs any software, there is a restart icon in the notification taskbar.

Where it instruct you to restart the device to fully install it.

In that case, click on the restart, and now wait until Chromebook shut down and boot up automatically.

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Note: The process of rebooting is self-maintained, chrome os will do restarting itself.

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Do not press any button while the device is restarting, pressing any key can harm your device.

How to Restart Chromebook With Keyboard?

how to restart chromebook

As I already told you, there are shortcut key combinations on the keyboard that helps you to do your task.

But before doing this step make sure you backup all your data and files.

Because these steps will lose all your files and settings that you saved on your chrome.

I recommended you do this step when you bought an old one or when your Chromebook creating too many lagging or freezing problems.

If you are thinking these steps sound like Resetting then, yes this step is resetting your Chromebook.

If you don’t want to do this step. Don’t worry I have its alternate method too.

So do these steps very carefully and take a backup of all your files. Now, let’s see how to do all these steps that will help you to run your device smoothly.

  1. First of all, Sign Out from your chrome OS.
  2. Press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R simultaneously.
  3. A popup will appear, click on Restart.
  4. Another dialogue box will appear. Click on Reset.
  5. Now, Sign in to your Chromebook with a Google account.

Finally, you reset the device and now, follow the booting up process as you do on a new one.

This step will resolve all your error or lagging that device is causing.

Alternate Method to Restart with Keyboard.

If you don’t want to wipe files and data from your chrome device then, you can try these steps.

But this shortcut key combination depends upon the version of Chromebook. So let’s follow all processes.

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Q+Q simultaneously. Means, press and hold down the ctrl and shift key and then press Q key 2 twice.

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How to Restart Chromebook When Screen Turns Black?

Credit: School City of Mishawaka

If your chrome book notification light is on but the screen turns black and nothing working then, you can follow two steps.

Step 1. Press and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds. This will force hardware to shut down.

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Now see the notification light again, if it turns off then, close its clamshell and wait for few seconds.

Now open the clamshell and press the power button once. You will see a screen light. All done all your problem has been resolved.

Step 2. Sometimes your device frizzed too much and the screen turns black also, keyboard and touchpad are not working in that case Chromebook have to force to power down.

Press and hold the power button and reload the button simultaneously for few seconds.

This will force hardware to power it off. Now close the clamshell and wait for few seconds.

After few seconds open the clamshell and press the power button. All done, now your device will starts.


It often happens when we start doing a lot of heavy tasks then, the laptops start freezing, the keyboard stops working and the mouse cursor is stuck in a place.

In that situation, never be panic and left your device as it is for couple of minutes.

After couples of minutes still the issue then, you can follow above all guides.

All guides are tested and works well.

I hope this piece of writing really help you. So, do share with needy people so that they can get benefits from it. Because Sharing is caring.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I restart my Chromebook without the power button?

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Q+Q. Press Q twice. This will restart your chrome without using power button.

How to restart Chromebook in developer mode?

To restart chromebook in developer mode, long press power button 5 to 10 seconds and then, again press power button. This will restart your laptop.

How to restart my Chromebook when it won’t turn on?

When screen turns black and won’t turn on, press power button and reload button simultaneously for few seconds. This will restart force chrome hardware to restart.

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