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Secret – Which Type of Password Would Be Considered Secure?

Breaching of password now a day is a common thing.

That’s why in this blog, I shared all major and minor tips to knowing which type of password would be considered secure? and also how does a password gets hacked?

As we know keeping a strong password now this era is only essential ways to protect your accounts and file from password breach or hack.

If you heard News a few months ago, some hackers hacked twitter account of some billionaires.

Might be they use a weak password which gives hackers a door.

They are multi-billionaire that’s why their accounts are recovered.

But how we can protect our account from password breach?

Umm! Are you anxious about it? Well, you don’t have to worry about it.

I shared all the possible ways to protect your accounts and files.

And password guide which is simple to remember.

But before starting what is the best practice to strong password examples.

First of all you should have to know why and how password gets hacked?

How Did Someone Get My Password?

Did you ever notice someone emailed you explain your device has been hacked?

Hackers warned you to pay him otherwise they will sell your all confidential secrets or contacts on the dark web.

And now you are thinking how did they get your accounts details?

If I say that you are the reason hackers got your email and password.

Yes, through your own, the hackers got all your details.

Also, it is absolutely true that when you were giving all the information to hackers,

Then at that time, you did not even know that you are sharing all your details and hint to letter password.

So, this is not your fault because you are not aware about it.

I know you are still confused How did someone get my password? Hackers are too smart they apply so many tricks to steal your details.

They never attack directly, they use software, offers, special deals and much more.

I will cover all possible ways that hackers generally use while attacking on your account.

Random numbers

1. Brute Force Attack

Just like it sounds “force attack” hackers try to guess your password through software programming and they hit your account until they hacked it.

They have collections of random letters uppercase and lowercase and symbols.

In the past year 2012, IT companies introduced 25 GPU cluster programming language which can guess your password up to 8 characters.

The software can guess uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some special character.

Cracking software has the ability to guess your password up to 350 billion guesses per second that’s a great number.

Generally, password length is 8 to 14 or 16 character.

So, you have to choose good words for passwords which contain almost all character.

Because as much as you keep your password long, software has less probability to guess your password.

2. Dictionary Attack

Dictionary attack, it sounds the same as it works.

Initial days hackers try to use dictionary words to crack your password.

Newbies keep their letter password like “Password, numbers, awesome, zebra, account.”

And through software programming hackers try to match your password with millions of dictionary words.

Whereas brute force attack tries to guess your letter password with large number of combinations.

On the other hand, the dictionary attack tries to guess your letter password using dictionary words.

If you are using multiple dictionary words like “HelloBraveDanceLikeAnimals” then it is less probability to guess yours through a letter password dictionary attack.

But, this pattern of the letter password will never protect your account from a brute force attack.

Because this attack uses all possible letters, numbers, and symbols to crack your account password.

3. Phishing Attack

When you go fishing, that time you use bait to catch the fish. Just like here, hackers give you bundles of bait to trap you in their world.

They all give you good offers, discounts and much more.

Has it ever happened to you; you get a mail where they offer a free credit card? And when you click on the given link.

Hackers create a fake phishing website which looks like the original website.

And they did as they want, you just fall into their trap.

They said you are the lucky winner to won this prize want to revel which price do you get only you have to click on given link and follow as instructed.

Or sometimes they offer free vacations for the foreign country at free of cost and forced to confirm your free booking.

They are all trap; hackers use all these nonsenses to lure you and click on the given link.

As you click on the given link hackers got your all-access. Including your password and all contacts linked with your account.

And in this way, you give a way to hackers to give your plain confidential information.

4. Phishing Spam Calls

Did you ever get a call from the bank where they said they are bank executive and said your credit card or debit card is about to expire and you have to renew it as soon as possible.

Or sometimes they call saying that your net banking has been stopped, if you will not fix it soon you are able to get benefits of it.

And then, you get nervous and starts anxious about your account. This is where hackers take advantage of you.

You do as scammers speak. Scammers ask your credit card, debit card, net banking details and your confidential details of bank and you start sharing everything.

And in the last, the scammers deplete your all account balance. That’s all the process scammers panic you and take advantage of you.

smart lock

Why Strong Passwords are Important?

As you know the password is the only way through which any person and you can access your accounts.

Password is just nothing but it is combinations of character.

Your login credentials are most important for any hackers. With your weak login details, hackers can take advantages you.

With the help of passwords, hackers can misinform your accounts.

They can sell your personal information to others and can bother you.

Keeping the password easy means giving a way to hackers to enter into your account and ruin your life.

That’s why I share tips to create strong passwords in this blog.

Password should not be dictionary words or your love once name.

You can also use online strong password generator tool. So that hackers can’t access your accounts from above all methods.

Also, I shared strong password idea list or you can use easy to remember password generator.

Wait, where are you in such a hurry. Read the below all tips to secure your account.

Which Type of Password Would Be Considered Secure?

Want to improve the security of your account?

Obviously yes, cracking the password is directly proportional to password strength and complexity.

As complex your password as it takes much time to crack the password.

Longer the password is best.

When your password is much complex then, the software required more computing power and time to crack it.

Here are some additional characteristics of a strong password which are simple to remember. So, you can create a strong password you can remember.

Which Type of Password Would Be Considered Secure?

Following are the characteristics of a strong password:

1. Password Should Be Long

as expert says password should be long as much you can and easy to remember. Brute force attack can crack your password up to 8 characters.

So, you should have to keep your password at least 12 characters.

If your account holding some important documents or credentials then, your account should have at least 12 to 16 characters including all below guide.

2. Treat keyboard Like a Game

For a strong and complex password, you should have to use combinations of all characters have in your keyboard.

Play with your keyboard to choose your password.

Use all uppercase, lowercase, numbers, letters, and special characters into your password to increase the strength of your password.

Like “HelloGuys” written in this way “H3//05)y5”.

You can choose password according to your choice but password should be strong strength.

3. Always Use Unique Password

Never try to use the same password for your different account. Always use a different password for different accounts.

Use Two Factor Authentications in Your Account.

Two-factor authentication is the second door of your account which only you have access. So always use two-factor authentications.

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I covered all my thought and experiences with you. In this digital era password is not just a number or letters.

It is an important part of your daily lifestyle.

Your one weak password can ruin your life and get you in trouble.

So, password should be chosen very wisely and create a strong password you can remember.

You can also take help to create a super strong password from strong password generator.

I hope this piece of mine really help you to create a strong password. So, enjoy!!

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