What is Bigger KB or MB or GB?

One day my little brother is using my laptop and he notices something, guess what? File size, he asks me, why some of the files are in KB and some are MB?

Great question and good presence of mind.

Are you still get confused, what is bigger KB or MB or GB or TB?

The answer is simple and one line, but, I want, you to know the actual reasons behind it.

If you notice your cellular phone network comes with some bandwidth which is in kbps and Mbps.

What are all these? And how all they are formed.

Lots of questions and all of the solutions are here.

Any way without wasting time lets started.

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Difference Between Bit and Byte.

what is bigger kb or mb

Bit: A bit is the smallest unit of computer data. It is a binary value which are two possible values 0 and 1. Mean’s a computer only understand in the form of 0 and 1.

So if you want to instruct some command to the computer you have to communicate in the multiple bits of 0 and 1.

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Byte: The multiple collections of bits is called Byte. It is a collection of bits where all computer data is stored in the form of bits or you can say byte.

It is larger than a bit. Because byte constitutes in 2 to the power n. In other words, it is multiple of 8. And half of the byte is called a nibble.

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What is Bigger KB or MB or GB or TB?

Kb, Mb, Gb, and Tb are known as kilobyte, megabyte, Gigabyte, and terabyte respectively.

The below table will help you to understand what is bigger kilobytes or megabytes or Gigabytes?

1 Byte8 Bits
1 Kilobyte (K)1024 Byte
1 Megabyte (MB)1024 KiloByte
1 Gigabyte (GB)1024 Megabyte
1 Terabyte (TB)1024 Gigabyte

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Nibble?

Nibble is the half byte means four bits is known as Nibble.

What is the smallest MB, KB or GB?

Kb is the smallest among all then Mb. Because 1024 kb combines to form 1 MB and 1024 MB combines to form 1 GB.

What is the difference between MB and KB in data usage?

Mb is much bigger than kb. 1 MB can hold 1024 kb of data.

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