5+ Easy Way To Facetime Chromebook (Chromebook Video Call).

Searching for how to facetime Chromebook? Or facetime for Chromebook 2021 app download.

Well, don’t worry you are at the correct page.

Here you will know in depth guide and solution whatever you have.

This application is widely used by Apple users because it is developed by Apple and madly use in iOS, iPhone, iPad like devices, or even in Mac.

You must have got a little bit of idea about it.

If it is developed by Apple and runs on apple based devices then, how will it run on chrome-book?

Well, you are correct. Sorry to say but, the Facetime app isn’t supported on Chromebook or other windows based OS.

But you can listen iTunes on Chromebook.

But don’t worry, I have your solution.

You can able to use facetime on Chromebook or you can also use their alternative too.

Facetime for Chromebook 2021 App Download.

facetime chromebook calling

As I earlier told you, facetime is designed for Apple OS but, you can also make video chat on Chromebook.

Because this has huge popularity and great security features that burning app everyone wants to use it.

So to do, you have to download iOS emulator for chrome.

Where you install and run the iOS app or make video chats, text messages, and voice calls.

In fact with the help of this emulator, you can run any software or apps in the browser.

Download emulator

Download emulator

Download emulator

You can enjoy the facetime Chromebook group calling up to 32 people at once.

You can also use effects like Animoji and stickers during facetime calls.

How to Facetime on Chromebook Online?

One by one video calling

Unfortunately, facetime is design for apple-based devices and it is no longer supported in other OS like android or windows.

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As you know it is just a video calling application and nothing else.

And there are thousands of application in the store that already comes with end to end encryption and protect your privacy.

There are so many websites over the internet that share rubbish and nothing to use facetime for Chromebook.

But the main fact is you can’t use it on Chromebook or windows based OS. That’s the truth.

But if you are curious and serious to use facetime on Chromebook then you can go ahead with the help of an emulator.

This is only the legal way to use it.

This is the only option otherwise you can choose their alternatives too.

Facetime Alternative for Chromebook 2021 App Download.

Alternative video calling app for chromebook.

As I told you earlier facetime is just a video calling app and nothing else which is a good thing.

Due to its popularity generally, people search this app for Chromebook and other OS.

As this is iOS based application, you can choose their alternatives too, with almost the same features and great securities to enhance your video calling on Chromebook experience.

Also, do you want to how to split screen on chromebook? This will help you to do multiple task at the same time.

1. Google Hangouts: It is google’s product that comes with great features.

This allows you to one to one conversation with your friends, relatives, and love one.

You can make a video, voice calls, and share photos, emojis, GIFs, and maps too just like WhatsApp.

This application allows you to make group calls or invite groups of up to 10 peoples in just one click.

You can also sync your chat history to other devices so that, you never lose your confidential documents.

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And the best part is you can use it across iOS, Android, Chrome, and the web.

2. Google Meet: Basically, this is a video conferencing platform that allows you premium video conference just for free.

You can create instant or scheduled meetings in google calendar.

This is best for large companies’ meetings and live streams.

You can add 250 people for the meeting conference and up to 100,000 viewers at live streams.

As it is google’s product, you shall have to sign up/log in before joining the meeting for better control for your host.

3. Skype: This is an instant communication app developed by microsoft.

You can make instant calls, chats, video calls up to 100 peoples with HD voice and video quality and clarity.

This app comes with some great features.

You can record your calls, share live screen durning phone calls, and live subtitles is just fabulous.

Mean you can read the subtitle of the calls during audio and video calls.

video group calling

4. Google Duo: You are already familiar with google hangout and google meet but, this app is different from other two.

This application is specially designed for video calling purposes and it is totally free.

As apple has its facetime, Microsoft has its skype, and Facebook has its WhatsApp.

Similarly, Google has its Duo. It is the highest quality video calling app that runs on all OS.

You can make one to one calls and groups calls upto 32 participants.

And the good thing is duo comes with end-to-end encryption.

Mean you don’t have to worry about any third party is recording your conversation.

Just feel free and trust on google.

This is the best alternative facetime on chromebook app.

5. Zoom: This is most popular and loved video conferencing app.

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Now a day this zoom is used in almost all companies, schools, colleges, and organizations for their meeting, classes, and other purposes.

Zoom comes with its two versions free and paid.

Where you get 40 minutes of live realtime conference upto 100 participants and 1,000 participants with unlimited minutes.

6. Microsoft Teams: Like google meet and zoom this is the combination of both.

You can instant go chats, meeting, calls, and collaborate.

Share and edit files in real-time by using your Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and excel like software.

This also comes with two version once is paid and other is free.

Its free version comes with unlimited group conferences like google.

And 2 GB of cloud storage to access the web version of PowerPoint, excel, word, and OneNote.

And paid version come with great securities with all unlimited features.

Now a day these are widely using for businesses, enterprises, and for educational institutions.


We talked a lot but, the most important thing is that if someone claims that they have nulled the version of facetime for Chromebook.

Just ignore him, he is definitely trying to trap you.

Because there is no official statement from Apple to use facetime on Chromebook.

Always count on official sources. If any official statement release from company. I will definitely update you.

For the moment, you can use above emulator to use facetime app on your chrome.

Otherwise, you can choose go through any alternative apps. For best result.

You should try Google Duo, Skype, Hangouts on chromebook ,etc.

Above all guided apps are best.

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