What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

Want to know, what channel is Lifetime on DIRECTV AT&T? Lifetime is an American-based TV and Web Entertainment service provider. Where you can watch Live TV, shows, and movies on your cable TV network, computers, and even on your Smartphone.

Lifetime is known for its unique original series that focuses on female audiences majorly. Channels cover diverse range of shows like relationship, female empowerment, thriller, etc.

If you are a fan of Lifetime TV channels and you have a Direct TV cable connection then this is important for you to know what channel is Lifetime TV on DirecTv?

Quick Solution.
  • Lifetime Channel on DIRECTV 252.
  • Lifetime Channel for Movies on DIRECTV 253.
what channel is lifetime on directv

What channel is lifetime on DirecTV stream?

Lifetime is a premium OTT service provider over the globe owned by A&E Network. If you want to watch their shows and movies you need to buy a subscription or you must have a cable TV connection so that your cable TV operator provide you the channel.

You can also watch Lifetime online, Lifetime also provides free option to watch their stream, shows, or movies. Only need to create account on their website and you can watch their shows and movies but in a free plan Lifetime will show you ads between the shows. 

These ads are the source of income for Lifetime to earn if you don’t buy any paid plan. If you installed any ad blocker tool or extension on your browser you won’t be able to watch.

what channel is lifetime on directv stream

If you are using any third-party software to watch Lifetime without buying any paid plans or with ads there might be a high chance your account will be terminated by the administrator.

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So if you want to watch Lifetime on DirecTV stream go to channel no 252 and for movies LNM channel no 253.

Lifetime Directv channel numbers vary according to cities so if you are in Florida, California, Texas, or Ohio your channel number will be different.

Following are the cities and Lifetime DirecTV channel numbers to watch live shows, events, and movies.

LocationsDirectv Channel No.
LocationsDirectv Channel No.
El Paso252
LocationsDirectv Channel No.
Kansas City252
Las Vegas252
Los Angeles252
LocationsDirectv Channel No.
New Orleans252
New York252
Oklahoma City252
LocationsDirectv Channel No.
San Antonio252
San Diego252
San Francisco252
St. Louis252
Washington DC252

What channel is Lifetime Movie Network on DirecTV

If you are thinking What channel is LMN on DirecTV stream? Or what channel is Lifetime Movie Network on DirecTV? For your kind information, both are the same. LMN means Lifetime Movie Network which is owned by A&E Network where you can watch movies all the time 24*7.

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Lifetime movies are available on DirecTV network on channel no. 253.

Guides On Lifetime Channel.

Guides On Lifetime Channel

Lifetime has sister channel which is Lifetime Movie Network. Both have different channel numbers for Lifetime on DirecTV channel number is 252 and for Lifetime Movie channel number is 253.

Lifetime channels can be accessed on basic plan on DirecTV so you don’t need to upgrade it. Lifetime also offers movies on demand on DirecTV at minimal charge.

So that, you can enjoy any movies and shows whenever you want on your cable TV.


Lifetime is a great way to watch shows like Relationship, family, Women Empowerment, Thriller, movies, web shows, etc. all in one channel. Directv cable connection provides all these with their basic plans.

So, Lifetime Channel, and Lifetime Movie are different and found on different channel numbers 252, and 253 respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What channel is Lifetime on Directv in Texas?

Channel number 252 for shows, and series and 253 for movies.

What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV in Florida?

In Florida, you can watch Lifetime on channel no. 252, and lifetime movies 253.

What channel is Lifetime on Directv in Ohio?

Channel no 252 and 253 are available on DirecTV for Ohio for lifetime shows and lifetime movies LMN respectively.

What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV in California?

For California Lifetime on Directv is 252 and for movies channel no. is 253.

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What is Lifetime rent?

Lifetime is completely free to watch and download. Only you need a connection with your cable TV network which requires a monthly subscription of around $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

How much is a Lifetime membership to Mammoth Nation?

Lifetime is free in Mammoth nation to watch and download HD videos, series, and movies, only you need a cable TV connection which requires plans. Plans may be different for each cable TV or satellite TV provider by signing in.

Is Lifetime on YouTube TV?

Yes, Lifetime is available on YouTube, you can watch short clips of downloaded TV shows and movies.

Where can I watch Lifetime movies?

You can watch Lifetime movies on their official website or by cable TV or satellite TV subscription by signing in.

Is Lifetime free?

Yes, Lifetime is free to watch and download for everyone.

Is Lifetime on Hulu?

Officially Lifetime is not available on Hulu, but you can watch some limited Lifetime content on Hulu.

Is Lifetime on Peacock?

Yes, lifetime is available on Peacock Premium.

What channel is Lifetime on Fios?

Lifetime available on Fios for Lifetime 140/1580/640 HD, Lifetime Real Women 142, and LMN 141/1581/641 HD.

What channel is Lifetime on Xfinity?

Lifetime channels are different for each subscription on Comcast Xfinity cable. See the below table to understand the channel number and their subscription plan.
1. Expanded Basic
Lifetime 36
Lifetime Movie Network 270

2. Digital Economy (Includes Limited Basic)
Lifetime 36
Lifetime Movie Network HD 788
Lifetime HD 836

3. MultiLatino Max
Lifetime Movie Network 270
Lifetime Movie Network HD 788

What streaming service has Lifetime?

Almost all streaming service providers and cable tv operators have Lifetime in their plans like DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Stick, Peacock Premium, Spectrum TV, Now Tv, Xfinity, Sling Orange, Amazon Prime, etc.

What is LMN on Directv?

LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) is available on DirecTV on channel no. 253.

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