How to Keep Kids Safe Online During Quarantine Due To COVID-19?

parental control software: The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the whole world strongly, with healthcare systems torn up and funeral centers filled up.

In this situation, the education of kids has also taken a strong hit with nom schools being opened due to the ongoing lockdown.

In such a situation, kids have a lot of time to themselves at home,

And this can lead them to spend even more time online, compromising their safety.

If you are thinking, can I track my child’s phone without them knowing for free? Then Yes, This is why parents need OgyMogy, the monitoring app that will enable them to look out for their kids’ online activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Parental Control Software

Monitor Your Kids Cell Phone from Fake Pandemic News

There is a lot of fake news circulating on the internet, reporting a false number of cases, harmful solutions and preventions for the disease,

Conspiracy theories pointing out that this pandemic is a hoax and misleading videos

That provide fake news and information about the virus and the disease, all over the internet.

monitor your kids cell phone
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By using OgyMogy, parents can ensure that their kids are not subjected to this fake news by monitoring their social media activities,

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If your kids spending too much time on Instagram or other social media you can delete or deactivate account too.

The posts and pages they like, the videos they are watching, and the news they are seeing,

And in this way can correctly tell them about the pandemic if they are subjected to any fake news.

The Anxiety They Don’t Need

In addition to fake news, there are tons of posts online depicting dead COVID-19 patients, the videos of the patients in their bad health,

The increase in the use of coffins and funeral homes running out of spaces and the death rate that is going up and up,

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And all this can be stressful for kids, making them anxious and depressed.

OgyMogy can stop all this by enabling parents to monitor your kids online.

In this way, parents can actively keep an eye on their kids, the information they are getting online,

monitor your kids
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The stressful videos that may be appearing on their screens, and the information that may be stressing them out, and in this way,

OgyMogy can enable parents to keep their children away from all that, keeping them safe and stress-free.

Monitor Your Kids Cell Phone from Social Media

Social media has become the beacon of stressful videos, fake news, harmful strangers,

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And a million more evils that can greatly harm kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to keep eyes on your kids
Source: OgyMogy.Com

Instead of providing a learning and growing space for kids in this difficult situation, social media platforms are doing more bad than good.

That is why, OgyMogy also provides active monitoring of all social media platforms,

Enabling parents to avoid any damage and harm from reaching their kids.

Online Predators More Active

With kids spending even more time online, the chances of them getting in the hands of an online predator have increased even more.

Numerous scams have been reported online of kids being manipulated, blackmailed,

Harassed, and used by online predators that take advantage of the vulnerability of these kids,

They are already worried about the pandemic situation.

OgyMogy can stop this by providing a direct monitoring of the online activities of kids to their parents,

So that in case of any suspicious activity, or any stranger that might be getting closer to their kids,

Parents can easily remedy the situation before it gets any more harmful for the children, ensuring their safety online and offline.

Data Security

The age groups in which most internet using kids are is very vulnerable, where kids can easily get trapped into harmful situations.

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Kids are also more prone to sharing their data online that may be used by hackers and identity thieves that can steal

This data and use it for their malevolent purposes.

OgyMogy once again comes to the rescue of the parents by providing them a continuous stream of data about all the online activities of their kids.

This includes social media monitoring, online browsing data, data sharing apps,

Personal data sharing on social media chats and posts, video calls to friends, and so on.

This makes sure that parents can ensure the utmost data security for their kids, keeping them safe from the evils lurking on the internet.

Now that you know the evil and harms present all over the internet and the OgyMogy features

That can help you in keeping your kids safe from all of them, why not get your deal?

Get a deal from OgyMogy today and ensure the safety of your children. They need it in this difficult time.

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